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Cold Laser Supplies is a subsidiary of Discover Lasers LLC, Providing Quality Products and Service Online Since 2003. Dedicated to Saving our Customers Time and Money, with Easy Ordering Online or by Phone, Quality Training, and Reputable Service – AAA+ rated by BBB since 2008.

Discover Lasers LLC is a company with deep roots in the arena of complimentary medicine, medical laser equipment and the healing arts for humans and animals. We are now 100% dedicated to providing over 40 of the BEST Laser Therapy Products from dozens of Manufacturers worldwide with courteous service at competitive prices. The owner, Mr Kalon Prensky has 17 years experience as a laser specialist and has written several books and guides on Laser Therapy including over 500 Protocols. Discover Lasers LLC specializes in the distribution and sales of Cold Lasers,  Low Level Laser Therapy Equipment and Affordable Class 4 Lasers for Pain Relief, regeneration and deep accelerated healing on a cellular level. We are dedicated to always offer the most advanced products in the areas of cold laser equipment, low level lasers, cold laser products and Class 4 Lasers for professionals and home users where appropriate. We also provide useful tools, education and protocol guides and information to enhance the success and performance of therapeutic laser users.


With the right knowledge and tools you can be empowered to take control of your personal health and support the health, healing and pain relief of clients. When practitioners are equipped with high quality laser therapy devices, they are more effective at helping others, and can realize a rewarding return on investment (ROI) in a relatively short period of time.

Providing high quality information, products and services at affordable prices is of primary importance to us. We are a team of dedicated and enthusiastic health professionals who have seen the powerful and extensive healing and therapeutic benefits of cold laser therapy equipment and light based healing technologies first hand. With thousands of satisfied customers and hundreds of forward-thinking practitioners, we have witnessed this cutting edge technology rapidly evolve with FDA Clearance over the last 17 years and bring a new wave of health and wellness that was previously unachievable.


With each laser purchase from Discover Lasers LLC, customers receive a complimentary cold laser therapy training program consisting of 2 eBooks containing over 500 PROTOCOLS (normally sold between $98-$199). We aim high to provide exceptional products, customer service and support. We have a toll free number for orders and questions and a comprehensive training program to increase your success and the value you receive with your investment. All lasers sold are backed by significant manufacturer warranties.

Your health or the health and wellbeing of your clients is dependent upon your ability to keep abreast with the advancements of technology and useful protocols. We have invested the time and money to make sure that every cent you spend with us is greatly multiplied by satisfaction, results and success in your therapeutic applications.

If you would like to have a FREE personal consultation, please call one of our health and laser specialists today. You can call toll free 1-888-824-7558 or from outside the USA call 808-870-0348. For Class 4 Lasers Call Mr Kalon Prensky directly at 800-575-7963.


Located in Hawaii on the beautiful island of Maui.
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