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CHOOSE FROM DOZENS OF COLD LASERS & NUMEROUS BRANDS.  *MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on most lasers, see *terms & conditions is an independent, unbiased, online distributor of many of the Top LASER THERAPY EQUIPMENT BRANDS SINCE 2003.

Cold Laser DoctorUnlike many laser distribution companies who only sell and promote one brand, we are not biased because we offer many brands and models to choose from. We specialize in a wide range of low level lasers and healing lasers for all types of cold laser therapy applications and consumers. We also offer some Class 4 therapeutic lasers as well for practitioners who want higher power levels at affordable pricing.

We are here to serve, support, and help you benefit personally and/or professionally from cold laser therapy equipment with both home use lasers and professional use cold lasers. Choose from a generous selection of COLD LASERS for pain management, laser acupuncture, vet and pet care lasers, equine lasers, smoking cessation lasers, weight loss & body contouring, LipoLaser, the ultimate hand held skin care laser from $399, the most powerful 12.5 Watt RED LIGHT UltraBright Therapy Device and more. We offer dozens of different cold lasers and unique cold laser training information, including low level laser articles, clinical studies, testimonials, videos, eBooks and Protocol Guides with OVER 500 Protocols

We are authorized distributors of some of the top cold laser brands available in America and abroad, such as:
AVANT Laser Wellness Systems with 3 models to choose from, TerraQuant Solo Handheld Portable Laser, TerraQuant Pro laser, PowerLaser, PowerMedic, GigaLaser, Evolution Fusion LipoLaser, medical lasers, clinical lasers, chiropractic lasersveterinary lasers, Equine Lasers and stop smoking lasers. 

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COLD LASER REVIEWS - See Top Ranked Cold Laser Overviews of Equipment & Supplies Below

  • Cordless, Portable, Pre-Programmed and User Definable Protocols
  • Standard 900 mW of at 808 nm (nanometer) wavelength
  • Up to 950 mW at 637 nm (Class 3b)
  • AVANT Wellness Systems
  • Cordless, Portable, Poweful
  • Create Personalized Custom Protocols via USB-C interface
  • 900 mW of at 808 nm (nanometer) wavelength plus up to 950 mW at 637 nm (Class 3b)
  • AVANT Wellness Systems
  • Larger, readable LCD display screen
  • 1000mW of Red Laser power at 637nm wavelength
  • 1400mW of Near Infrared (NIR) power at 808nm wavelength
  • AVANT Wellness Systems
  • Portable battery-powered Class IV Laser controller
  • Compatible with seven different LZR7 probes (sold separately)
  • Next Generation Class 4 Laser
  • Includes exclusive 500 Protocol AcuPoint Healing System (2 ebooks)
  • High power laser controller system, Desktop & Portable Models
  • Compatible with nine different LZR7 probes (sold separately)
  • Next Generation Class 3B & 4 Lasers
  • Compatible with New 1.8 Million milliWatt Cool Class 3B Area Laser
  • 4 Healing Energies in 1 Desktop SuperPulsed Cold Laser
  • Standard 25,000 mW of Peak Super Pulsed Power
  • FDA Cleared for Pain, 2 Year Warranty
  • Infrared, red light, super-pulsed low level laser, and magnetic induction in one emitter
  • 2 Emitters with One Laser, 2X the Power 5X the Coverage
  • 50,000mW peak power 12 diode LS50 SuperPulsed 'Laser Shower' emitter
  • FDA Cleared! Proven effective.
  • Multi Radiance Technology
  • Adjustable power from 100mW to 9000mW (9W)
  • Continuous and pulsed wave operation
  • 2 fiber optic connected emitter heads comes standard
  • Professional clinical laser includes wireless foot pedal
  • FDA Cleared
  • Home or Clinical Use
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • 100 – 500mW at 808 nm wavelength
  • Features Haptic Vibration Feedback & Custom Sounds
  • HyperPulsed Technology & Trigger Point Activation
  • FDA Cleared!
  • Exclusive Bonus: 2 eBooks with over 500 Protocols!
  • FDA Cleared
  • Home or Clinical Use
  • HyperPulsed Technology
  • AcuPoint Protocols eBook included (exclusive)
  • FDA Cleared
  • Clinical Use
  • HyperPulsed Technology
  • Exclusive Bonus: 2 eBooks with over 500 Protocols!
  • Veterinarian Laser
  • Great Dogs, Cats, small animals
  • AcuPoint Therapy
  • Single 300mW, 808nm Infrared Laser Diode
  • Class 3b Vet/Animal Laser
  • Cluster Head
  • 808nm wavelength x 3 & 1 x 635nm Vis aiming beam
  • Treat broad areas on animals
  • AcuPoint with Cold Lasers
  • BONUS: 500 Cold Laser Protocols
  • 2 eBooks included
  • Exclusive offering only available here
  • Manages acute and chronic pain
  • 25,000 mW of super-pulsed deep tissue therapy
  • Ideal for sporting events, pre- and post-game travel
  • Twice the power and frequency options of TQ Solo
  • 50,000 mW Peak Power
  • LS50 Laser Shower Emitter
  • 4 Infrared, 4 Red, 4 Super-Pulsed Diodes
  • FDA Cleared, pain management
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