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DISCOVER the oldest and greatest healing method ever devised with a modern day twist. Acupuncture points on the body have been mapped out and proven to exist beyond a shadow of a doubt. 


Acupuncture was born from a rich history and profound philosophy of how the body systems work in concert with nature and energy flow.

Acupressure and acupuncture have been practiced as a healing art for at least 5,000 years. It originated in China along with a similar system of treatment in India called Marma point therapy. Acupuncture is the third most popular method for treating pain and illness in the world. This complete health system has been documented for use in treating over 4000 symptoms and conditions. If you are looking for safe, natural, drug free options to treat your current health issues, or for ways to supplement your current health care, you are on the right track. This is a proven, natural and cost effective self care system, for home and professional treatments. Aculight therapy with a quality cold laser could dramatically improve the quality of your life or boost the success of your health care practice.

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The ailments are listed in alphabetical order with suggested points and a reference of images and written descriptions of point location, depicting the precise body point for treating with  your cold laser. Below is an example of the image files that are presented with each condition. As you can see, the points are clearly shown so that anyone can find them. They also come with a description of how to find them with ease and precision. Also included are two BONUS Auricular therapy charts for easy treatment of many more issues.

The principles of acupoint therapy have been modified to suit the needs of modern life and the application of advanced cold laser technologies.

Called Acupoint Therapy 3.0 and contains 283 pages with over 250 picture based protocols and extra information on cold laser therapy, Q&A, how and why it works and more.

Now acupoints are commonly treated utilizing laser light from a cold laser in specific wavelengths shown to have rapid and lasting effects.

Acupoint philosophy and aculight stimulation is based on the same principles as Acupuncture. By using laser light instead of needles, it works to stimulate specific reflex points located along the lines of energy, which run through the body, called meridians. There are 14 main meridian lines, each of which corresponds to an individual organ of the body. When the vital energies are able to flow through the meridians in a balanced and even way, the result is good health and freedom from pain. When you experience pain or illness it is an indication that there is a block, leak, excess or deficiency in the energy flow within one or more of your body systems.

There is a natural source of healing power in everyone. When this healing power is activated, it triggers a series of intricate internal processes, which produces a Healing Response. Pain, injury or stimulation to your body alerts your body that help is needed. This is when the Healing Response begins by the unleashing of endorphins, enzymes, and other healing substances into your blood to help heal the affected area. The heart rate increases, blood pressure is altered and the delivery of endorphins and nutrients required for repair is accelerated. This speeds up the elimination of toxins from the damaged area, which also promotes healing and pain relief.

Aculight Therapy is the application to an acupoint with a therapeutic laser that utilizes power output beginning at 100mW. Lower power lasers starting at just 5mW are common, but not desirable, especially for practitioners. While some benefits can be found with these much lower power laser, the extra time that one must apply to the point in order to experience some benefit can lead many people astray. It’s best to stick with a cold laser that produces 100mW of power or more, up to 500mW.

Aculight therapy induces a Healing Response by mimicking an injury, which activates a cascade of positive, natural therapeutic mechanisms within the body. Aculight therapy has been revealed to be the most superior method of treating acupoints. When applied to specific sore points along the meridians at different points for different conditions, this light tricks the body into thinking it has been damaged. The body then produces endorphins to relieve distress in the organs and systems corresponding to that acupoint. While the body is healing at the point of pain, it produces a Healing Response all along the meridian. Laser Light is commonly applied to acupoints to induce the healing response. It is much easier to apply than needles, and works much faster with zero pain. The Pulsar Probes of the Scalar Wave Laser system work exceptionally well for use in treating the acupoints, meridians, glands and organs, as they donate large quantities of readily available energy (usable energy photons) along with gentle unwinding sine waves and scalar waves, to induce an alchemical healing response not experienced with other lasers that use square waves and lack the scalar energy component.

The goal with Acupoint cold laser therapy is to learn the points that will produce the Healing Response for the conditions you want to treat. Through repetitive acupoint treatments, the body learns a new and effective way to activate the Healing Response on its own and increases the power to heal itself without any outside intervention. Each treatment is cumulative and the benefits compound upon themselves.

For the conditions listed below, you will find points that the experts agree help these conditions and they are easy to find. Sometimes you only need a few points to get results.


GB 20 –just under the base of the skull in two small muscular grooves at the back of the neck
GB 21 –on top of the shoulder, 2″-3″ from the side of the neck
GB 30 –near the “ball-joint” of the hips in the depression formed by squeezing the buttocks (relax before stimulating)
Li 4* –on the back of the hand between the thumb and index finger, in the center of the large bone on your finger – to be probed inward toward the main body of the hand, directly on the bone
Li 11 –on the extreme end of the outer crease of the elbow – bend arm tightly to find point (open arm and relax before stimulating)
SP 6* –on the front of the leg, just behind the shin bone – the width of one hand (four fingers) above the crown of the inner ankle
St 36* –in the trough or valley just away from the most prominent shin bone, the width of one hand (four fingers) below the bottom of the kneecap toward outside of leg the width of one thumb.
T 5 –on the forearm two thumb widths above the most prominent crease of the upper wrist, in line with the middle finger
UB 54 –at the rear of the knee, in the center of the crease between the two ligaments
UB 60 –in the hollow or valley behind the crown of the outer ankle

*Pregnant women should avoid using SP 6, Li 4, and St 36.

SAMPLE of Common Conditions & Symptoms Treated
with Acupoint Recipes:

Allergies: Li4, Li11, SP6, St36
Arthritis: GB20, Li4, Li11, St36, T5, UB60
Asthma: Li4, GB20, GB21, SP6, St36
Bronchitis: Li4, GB20, GB21, St36
Cold and Flu: Li4, Li11, T5, GB20, St36, SP6
Constipation: St36, SP6, Li4, Li11
Diarrhea: St36, SP6, Li4
Ear Infection: Li4, Li11, T5, St36, GB20
Fainting: St36, Li4, GB20
Fatigue: St36, GB21
Fever: Li4, Li11, T5
Hemorrhoids: Li11, SP6, UB60
Indigestion: SP6, St36, Li4
Infection: Li4, Li11, St36
Insomnia: SP6, GB20, St36
Menstrual Cramps: Li4, St36, GB20, SP6
Motion Sickness: GB20, St36, SP6
Multiple Sclerosis: GB20, UB60, St36, SP6
Nausea: GB21, St36
Pain Control: Li4, SP6, St36, GB20, UB60
Pneumonia: St36, Li4, Li11
Sciatica: GB30, UB54,,UB60, SP6
Sinusitis: GB20, Li4, Li11, SP6
Toothache: Li4, Li11, St36
Vertigo: Li4, GB20, GB21, UB60, T5, St36

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How do you apply Aculight Therapy?

First you will look up the symptom or condition. Next, you will see the appropriate point(s) related to the issue, next you refer to the picture charts and/or read the brief description to help you locate the exact point. Once you find the general area on your skin, gently probe the area with finger until you find “that point”, which gives you a “funny bone” feeling or is sensitive, tender or sore. Then you apply the tip of your laser probe onto the point, preferably, in direct contact with the skin in order to send the maxim amount of photonic energy. Acupoint treatment in this way can tonify, stimulate and/or sedate, when applied with an appropriate laser probe device such as can be delivered from numerous cold lasers such as TerraQuant Solo with Acupoint tip, Avant LZ30 Lasers with Acupoint tip, and Power Laser 500 models.

Usually 10-60 seconds is all that is needed on an acupoint (depending upon the power of the laser) and just 1-3 minutes per trigger point is sufficient for each treatment session with a 100-500mW probe. Numerous points can be treated in each session. Regular, systematic treatment usually gets the best results because the effects of aculight therapy are cumulative. At first, frequent treatment is recommended. Treatment 1-2 times daily with a 100-500mW cold laser probe may produce the fastest results.

Some report almost immediate results; others may need a few days or even weeks to get lasting results. Aculight Therapy is safe. Side effects are very rare. Treat while sitting down and do not administer after meals. More and more commonly, this technique is being incorporated with low level laser probes such as TerraQuant Solo with Acupoint tip, Avant LZ30 Lasers with Acupoint tip, and Power Laser 500 models. It requires no more than a chart and a cold laser light therapy device, and may also be coupled with massage and essential oils to add increased therapeutic benefits. Acupoint therapy has been used successfully for thousands of years to help millions of people. Some of the excerpts of this article were provided by Monte Cunningham, a man who has written several books on the subject of acupoint therapy and spent more than 35 years studying this health care modality.