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TerraQuant Pro Package

TerraQuant Pro Cold Laser Package

Featuring the Famed TerraQuant Multi Radiance Medical Technology and 25,000mW of Super Pulsed Peak Infra Red Laser Power.

TerraQuant Pro Laser is a great package with all of the tools you need to start helping your patients.

TerraQuant Laser The TerraQuant Laser was designed with expandability in mind. The standard pro console comes equipped with TWO ports. Both ports can be used concurrently, giving you the option of cutting treatment times. When you invest in a TerraQuant, you have the freedom to purchase additional emitters and many other accessories as your practice demands.

Who uses the TerraQuant Pro Laser Systems?

Practitioners, chiropractors, therapists, doctors and sufferers of pain at home the world over use the TerraQuant laser to enhance their line of treatment options. Many leading athletic organizations also use TQ cold laser therapy. The TerraQuant laser has a 20 year proven track record in over 30 countries and thousands of hospitals, clinics and private practices, plus the special forces of 7 countries and national sports teams including the NBA, National Soccer Teams, Olympic Athletes and by Acute and Chronic Pain Sufferers worldwide. FDA Cleared for home and professional use.

TerraQuant Pro
What you get
  • TerraQuant Laser Console
  • SE25 9 Diode Emitter
  • 2-pair of laser goggles
  • Soft Sided Case
  • Operating Manual & User’s Guide
  • Protocol Manual +500 BONUS Protocols
  • 2 year warranty
  • Free UPS Shipping
  • SE25 Emitter
  • The SE25 is our standard emitter and when combined with the our Deluxe TerraQuant console it become the TQ Pro Package.
  • It covers a 4 cm2 treatment area quickly and efficiently.
  • The SE25 is a very versatile emitter. It is threaded for the attachment of optional probes to assist in various types of acupoint treatments, thus making it the most versatile emitter in TerraQuant product line.

Price: $4495.00




Cold Laser Therapy: 22 Acupoint Healing System


This Additional Must-Have AcuPoint Protocol Guide contains over 283 pages of valuable information that you can use to support optimal wellness, health and healing.

This book features a Visual Depiction of Corresponding AcuPoint Protocols for over 250 common Issues, followed by Q&A, Clinical Studies, a comprehensive overview on Cold Laser Therapy, plus how and why it works. You are going to love it!

  REGULAR Price: $99 SALE Price $49 WITHOUT PURCHASE. FREE with Laser Purchase.

You can Purchase your eBook right now via the safety and convenience of PayPal.

You will receive your downloadable eBooks via email within 5 minutes of purchase. For those of you who are not very computer literate, an eBook is a digital book (in this case a PDF file) that can be read on almost any device (smart phone, tablet and computer), or it can be printed out and read in paper form.

If something fails and you don’t receive one or both of the eBooks after 10 minutes check your spam folder and if it is not there, send us an email and it will be sent to you shortly.

If you decide to not buy the laser now but you want to buy the eBooks with over 500 Cold Laser Therapy AcuPoint Protocols then use this Buy Now Link and pay just $49 for over 500 Protocols:


The Next Big Step in Healing Lasers

Multi Radiance Technology was engineered to provide a wide range of therapeutic healing energies from a single emitter.

Multi Radiance Technology (MRT) uses multiple radiances working together for the absolute best cellular response. MRT has a combination of four radiant frequencies which designed for optimal pain relief and quickened healing. MRT is exclusive to the TerraQuant Pro product line.

Multi Radiance Technology

The super pulsed laser is the fastest in the world, delivering a pulse at billionths of a second. Combined with 25,000 mW of peak power, the result is a higher concentration of light energy, or photons, driven deeper into the target tissue, without the risk of burning the tissue.

Here are the key concepts behind Multi Radiance Technology

1. Super Pulsed Laser (905nm) a high power of impulse light at a billionth of a second. This high power during each pulse drives the light to the target tissue, up to a depth of 10—13cm (4—5 inches). The TerraQuant’s high peak power of up to 25,000mW generates a high photon density, delivering the dense concentration of photons for healing, which provides an extraordinarily deep tissue saturation. Super pulsed laser influence pain reduction, improves blood circulation at the tips of the blood vessels and improves ATP production, which facilitates cellular metabolism.

2. Pulsed Broad Band Infrared Emitting Diodes (875nm) provide a wider spectrum of medium depth (1-3″) compared to laser radiation – and slightly heating the upper tissue.

3. Pulsed Red Light (660nm) penetrates shallower tissue depth, ideal for superficial applications and provides anti-inflammatory benefits.

4. Static Magnetic Field keeps ionized molecules of tissue in a dissociated stage, enhancing the energy potential at the molecular and cellular levels and increases micro-circulation.

These multiple radiances work together to induce a biology conducive to healing and pain relief. When you use the preset frequencies, you can control the depth of the therapeutic energy from the surface up to 5 inches deep.

Order with our Secure Shopping Cart Below or Call one of our Laser Specialists Toll free 1-888-824-7558 and order by phone with any major credit or debit card. Order now and SAVE Hundreds of dollars with the guaranteed lowest factory authorized sale price. We will beat any verifyable price. We are the largest stocking Authorized distributors in North America.
Email a Laser Specialist Here

Call a Laser Specialist today about the TerraQuant Packages. We are the longest standing MRM and TQ Authorized Dealers and fully trained cold laser experts with a 28+ year history in the alternative health care arena since 1990.

We can help you to choose the TerraQuant Package that will fit your needs and budget.

Laser healing with healing lasers is the way of the future right here, right now.
Osmosis, a scientific fact taught in all grade and high school science classes, states that no nutrient can transfer across the depolarized membrane of an injured cell. One of the most important functions of low level laser therapy is to re-polarize sick and injured cellular membranes. This allows for essential nutrients and oxygen to transfer from the blood into the cell. Research has shown that low level laser therapy can increase cellular ATP (body fuel) by as much as 150%.

The TerraQuant Pro system of low level lasers are easy to use and produce results fast. The Terra Quant Laser Pro, Elite and Solo make laser healing easy, fun, safe and affordable. No surgery, no pain, no medications, no undesirable side effects. Terraquant lasers are more effective, more versatile and significantly more affordable than most other cold lasers that we have tested. Plus, TerraQuant Lasers utilize Quantum Medicine by combining a powerful combination of healing laser technologies including: Infrared Radiation (875nm + 905 nm), Pulsed Laser Light, Red Light (660 nm), Permanent Magnetic Induction (25-45 mT) and Hertz Frequencies from 5-3000 Hz/sec., all precision controlled by the built in Mini-Computer. The User can choose between manual mode or any of the 5 proven programs that are preset for treatment of numerous conditions including: acute and chronic pain, wounds, burns, arthritis, inflammation, anti-aging, cold sores, wrinkles, acne, cosmetics and much more. The TerraQuant Pro Laser Systems are FDA cleared.

Cellular and Subcutaneous Light Healing

Benefits of super pulsed laser therapy

The objective of cold laser therapy is to deliver light energy units from infrared laser radiation, called photons, to cells at the target tissue. The consensus of experts is that photons absorbed by the cells through cold laser therapy stimuate the mitochondria to accelerate production of ATP. This biochemical increase in cell energy is used to transform live cells from a state of illness to a stable, healthy state.

Multi radiances from the TerraQuant laser deliver photons safely and effectively right where they are needed

Limititations of most cold lasers

Photons are essential to healing with light at the cellular level. The key to success is safely delivering a high density of photons to injured tissue. This is where most laser fall short.

Laser Classifications and Therapeutic Benefit

Why do some cold lasers fail to deliver desired results?

The level of power is too low or the wavelength is too short to deliver photons beyond the surface of the skin, making them ineffective at delivering photons to deeper target tissues.

Class I through Class IIIa (not including Class IIIb)

This classification of lasers is generally considered very safe. The FDA considers them insignificant risk devices.

Class IV continuous lasers

The increase in the power of continuous wave lasers increases photon delivery to deep tissues, but in many cases, it also increases the amount of the heat generated. This heat increases the potential risk of unwanted or destructive thermal effects plus the much higher risk of potential damage to the retina, requiring clinicians to exercise additional FDA implemented controls to ensure patient and practitioner safety. With the Multi Radiance Technology incorporated into the TerraQuant Laser Pro systems there is never a risk of thermal damage.

Multi Radiance Technology lets you safely deliver the healing power of photons exactly where you need to, allowing you to modulate penetration and Hz frequency, depending on the needs of the location and condition you are treating.

Due to the High Success Rates of this laser and the high sales volume, we are able to offer you the lowest prices in America. We Won’t Be Undersold! If you find the TerraQuant Pro advertised for less than $4495, anywhere in the US, give us a call and we will beat the price and give you free shipping (in the US) and professional, quality service. You can get the whole TQ Pro Package for $4495, which is a fraction of what other Super Pulsed laser manufacturers sell their lasers for. The TQ Pro has two ports and works with many different laser emitters so it can grow with your business.

When comparing cold laser devices, some may offer a pulsed mode. Do not confuse them with super pulsed lasers. Unlikes those, pulsed lasers are created by “chopping the beam” — mechanically turning the laser on and off, much like duty cycle. Their depth is limited by comparison to the super pulsed technology due to the decreased power created by the cycle of the device.

TerraQuant Duo Console

Pro package includes:
1. TerraQuant Console
2. 1 SE25 Emitter
3. 2-pair of laser goggles
4. Soft Sided Case
5. Operating Manual & User’s Guide
6. Protocol Manual
7. 2 year limited warranty
SE25 Emitter
• The SE25 is our standard emitter and comes with every TerraQuant console.
• It covers a 4 cm2 treatment area quickly and efficiently.
• The SE25 is threaded for the attachment of probes to assist in various treatments thus making it the most versatile emitter in TerraQuant product line generic cialis best price.
• INCLUDES BONUS: 500 Cold Laser Therapy Protocol Library in the form of two new eBooks

TerraQuant Console

Laser Peak Power 25W (25,000mw)
Infrared LED’s 60mW
Red LED’s 7.5mW
Laser 905 nm
Infrared 875 nm
Red 660 nm
Class II Equipment Applied Part Type BF
Laser Class 1M (IEC 60825-1)
Weight 4 lbs / 1.5 Kg
Dimensions 11in x 6in x 3.5in (27cm x 15cm x 6.5cm)

Price: $4495.00

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Get the Most Out of Your Cold Laser!

The 22-AcuPoint Healing System

Click to learn more about the system with over 500 protocols included!

Cold Laser Supplies
What you get
  • TerraQuant Laser Console
  • SE25 9 Diode Emitter
  • 2-pair of laser goggles
  • Soft Sided Case
  • Operating Manual & User’s Guide
  • Protocol Manual +500 BONUS Protocols
  • 2 year warranty
  • Free UPS Shipping
  • SE25 Emitter
  • The SE25 is our standard emitter and when combined with the our Deluxe TerraQuant console it become the TQ Pro Package.
  • It covers a 4 cm2 treatment area quickly and efficiently.
  • The SE25 is a very versatile emitter. It is threaded for the attachment of optional probes to assist in various types of acupoint treatments, thus making it the most versatile emitter in TerraQuant product line.
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