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ColdLaserSupplies.com is an independent cold laser shop that specializes in a wide range of low level lasers and healing lasers for all types of cold laser therapy. We are here to serve, support, and help you benefit personally and/or professionally from cold laser therapy equipment with both home use lasers and professional use lasers. We provide a generous selection of COLD LASERS for pain management, laser acupuncture, vet and pet care, equine lasers, smoking cessation, weight loss, body contouring, lipolaser, skin care lasers and more. We offer dozens of different cold lasers and have over a hundred pages of cold laser information and low level laser articles to help you make an informed and educated decision. We are authorized distributors of some of the top cold laser brands available in America, such as AVANT Laser Wellness Systems with 5 models to choose from, TerraQuant Pro laser, TerraQuant Solo, PowerLaser, PowerMedic, GigaLaser, Evolution Fusion LipoLaser, medical lasers, clinical lasers, chiropractic lasers, home use lasers, veterinary laser and stop smoking lasers.

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  • Cold Laser Therapy: The 22-AcuPoint Healing System

    Are you receiving the most value out of your cold laser? Modern Cold Laser Technology provides many options and choices. But, how do you use those features for the best outcome? You may be surprised to learn that the answer stems from a 5,000 year-old healing art & the culmination of a NEW Book on [...]

  • The Amazing 9 Watt Pilot Diode Laser

    Class IV Lasers Made Easy Revolutionizing Pain Therapy – A Simple and Powerful Class IV Laser for Your Clinic, Gym or Pain Relief Center You’ll be up & Running with Your PILOT LASER in no time Proudly Made in USA! The 9W Pilot Diode Laser represents the latest diode laser technology available for a variety [...]

  • SL50 Evolution Cluster Laser

    Health and Beauty Made Easy and Affordable with the 12 Diode SL50 Evolution Cluster Laser Most Affordable Cold Laser in it’s Class! Features both Red Lasers and Infrared Lasers. All-New SL50 Cold Laser, Cluster Laser is just $389 for a limited time. Includes BONUS eBook Training w/ Over 250 Protocols A Portable, Home Use, Cold [...]

  • Evolution Fusion All-in-One Cold Laser Does it All!

    Laser Therapy Has Come a Long Way! INTRODUCING: Evolution Fusion all-in-one, Cold Laser does it all, including: Weight & Inch Reduction, Pain Relief, Smoking Cessation, Acupoint Laser Therapy, Hair Growth, Anti-Aging, Skin Tightening and Toning. Complete Practitioner Package ON SALE Now for a low intro price $6,950 or Lipo-Body Contouring Only Price $5,500 Lose Weight [...]

  • AVANT Cold Laser Systems

    Powerful. Portable. Light Weight. Digital and Easy to use Combo of Optimum Red and Infrared Wavelengths. Includes Unlimited Phone Support and Training. The ULTIMATE Portable Cold Laser System AVANT Cold Laser Systems are the exciting result of decades in laser research and technology. They offer FDA cleared class 3b cold lasers that provide unparalleled power, performance [...]

  • What Cold Laser is Best for a DC

    Doctors of Chiropractic often ask me, which cold laser is best for treating conditions of the lumbar and cervical spine, and for penetrating into the hard tissues such as the vertebrae and into the large joints such as the hips and shoulder? For the past decade the TerraQuant laser has been a favorite for DCs. [...]

  • TerraQuant Solo Cold Laser System $2495

    TerraQuant TQ Solo Low Level Cold Laser For Portable Pain Management – Now with REDUCED PRICE from $2995 to $2495 TerraQuant Solo: an FDA OTC cleared portable laser for both home and professional use. ANYONE can buy and use this laser without a license of prescription, with the exceptional SAFE FDA Over The Counter (OTC) [...]

  • Super Pulsed Laser

    The Technology behind the TerraQuant Super Pulsed Laser Super Pulsed Infrared Laser (905 nm) is the technology underlying multi radiance and TerraQuant. The TerraQuant’s super pulsed laser has the destinction of being the fastest in the world – delivering a pulse at billionths of a second. Combined with 25,000 mW or 50,000 mW of peak [...]

  • PowerMedic Cold Lasers

    PowerMedic Cold Lasers PowerLaser and GigaLaser: Therapeutic Lasers with HyperPulsed™ Technology Power, Durability, and Design PowerMedic GigaLaser PowerMedic Lasers created the impressive GigaLaser — one of the largest and highest output lasers on the market. The GigaLaser pushes out an astonishing 18,000 mW at 808nm at it’s highest setting. The same engineering team that designed [...]

  • PowerMedic GigaLaser

    PowerMedic GigaLaser One of the Largest Clinical Cold Lasers Available « Back to PowerLaser Overview Page The GigaLaser is the largest laser that PowerMedic offers and is among the largest lasers in the world. The GigaLaser is used for treatment of larger areas of the body, such as the back, neck, hip, or leg. The screen [...]

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