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ColdLaserSupplies.com is an independent cold laser shop that specializes in a wide range of low level lasers and healing lasers for all types of cold laser therapy. We are here to serve, support, and help you benefit personally and/or professionally from low level laser therapy equipment and advanced healing technologies for pain management, smoking cessation, weight loss, skin care and more. We have over a hundred pages of cold laser information and low level laser articles to help you make an informed and educated decision. We carry top brands such as TerraQuant laser MQ2000, Omega XP laser, Theralaser T2000, L.I.T.E. 4 laser kit, medical lasers, clinical lasers, chiropractic lasers, home use lasers, veterinary laser and stop smoking lasers.

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  • TerraQuant Solo Cold Laser System $1995 #1 Seller in USA

    TerraQuant Solo Low Level Laser For Portable Pain Management TerraQuant Solo: an FDA cleared portable laser for both home and professional use. It is an ultra portable, cordless, rechargeable cold laser with a super long life rechargeable battery of up to 14 hours. This is a healing laser, which is perfect for the individual user [...]

  • Laser Prism – Therapeutic LaserSTIM

    Laser Prism Discontinued. We now offer an incredible FDA-Cleared Combination Therapeutic LaserSTIM Unit Device from Multi Radiance Medical. This product is ideal for Helping Chronic and Acute Pain Sufferers. LaserSTIM is unlike any other Cold Laser. It is RX by Prescription for Medical Practitioners ONLY. More power and features and depth of penetration than even Class IV lasers. [...]

  • Multi Radiance Laser Technology Explained vs Class IV Laser

    Multi Radiance Technology™ excels where most laser devices fall short • Multi Radiance Medical super pulsed lasers deliver higher peak power while maintainging the highest degree of safety of any therapeutic laser • Multi Radiance therapy devices are more effective in delivering photons to deep tissues compared to other classes of continuous and modulated lasers • [...]

  • Advantages of TerraQuant and LaserStim with TARGET

     Advantages of TerraQuant and LaserStim™ with TARGET™ • Multi Radiance Medical’s TerraQuant Pro Base with LaserStim Emitter is the clinican’s dream. It is easy-to-use, helps identify areas for targeted treatments, allows for potential insurance reimbursement, and is safe. This technology offers a wider list of applications than traditional modalities • Synergistic effect of Multi Radiance therapy [...]

  • TerraQuant Pro

    TerraQuant Pro Cold Laser Package Featuring the Famed TerraQuant Multi Radiance Medical Technology and 25,000mW of Super Pulsed Peak Infra Red Laser Power. TerraQuant Pro Laser is a great package with all of the tools you need to start helping your patients. The TerraQuant Laser was designed with expandability in mind. The standard pro console [...]

  • TerraQuant Elite

    TerraQuant Elite Cold Laser Therapy. Get the TQ Elite Professional Pain Management System when RESULTS are NOT an Option. TerraQuant Solo TerraQuant Pro TerraQuant Duo TerraQuant Elite TerraQuant Accessories TQ Emitter Choices TerraQuant Benefits TerraDent Dental Laser Download TerraQuant PDF Files: Terraquant Pro Laser Brochure TerraQuant Laser Overview Higher power, lower treatment times The TerraQuant [...]

  • Teen turns to Cold Laser Therapy due to 40 Seizures a day

    By Angeeneh Adamian, Reporter Last Updated: 2010/10/08 GULFPORT — A Gulfport teenager believes cold lasers saved her life and now she wants to spread the word about the cold laser therapy that helped her. Paralyzed with more than 40 seizures a day, nothing seemed to help Rachel Price gain control of her life. “I was [...]

  • Wound Care with High Power Low Level Cold Lasers

    Wound Care with High Power Low Level Cold Laser Therapy – a Nеw Treatment Aррrοасh A select group of Doctors and Chiropractors are now using a comprehensive non medical аррrοасh tο effectively treating peripheral neuropathy and stubborn non-healing wounds.  Thіѕ includes many patients thаt are nοt аblе tο take standard neuropathy medicine such аѕ Neurotin, [...]

  • TerraQuant Elite the Winning Cold Laser Combination

    What Makes TerraQuant Elite the Winning Combination for Pain Management Practitioners? With so many cold lasers now on the market, how do you choose the right cold laser for your practice? What questions do you need to ask so that you can feel confident that you have made a wise decision and invested in the [...]

  • Study Reveals Power of Magnetics with Super Pulsed Laser

    Efficacy of magnetic and super pulsed laser combination revealed through science By Prof. Dr. H. Friedmann, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat Gan, Israel. Introduction One of the basic mechanisms of photo-bio-modulation is the acceleration of electron transfer by electromagnetic radiation in the visible and near infra-red region of the spectrum.[1,2] In the presence of an electron acceptor [...]

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