AVANT LZ30 Cold Laser
Portable Multi-Spectrum Power Laser Wellness System

Digital and Easy to use Combo of Optimum Red and Infrared (IR) Wavelengths w/ Power up to 2400mW

AVANT Cold Laser Systems are the exciting result of decades in laser research and technology. They offer FDA cleared class 3b cold lasers that provide unparalleled power, performance and flexibility for a fraction of the cost of similar products.

LZ30 Small Cold Laser

Simply the Most Advanced, Effective and Economical Class 3b Therapy Laser on the Market.

The AVANT LZ Professional & Personal Lasers Offer the Power and Flexibility of Larger Cold Lasers, at a Lower Cost per mW.

The AVANT LZ line of lasers is significantly more advanced and powerful than other Class 3b Cold Laser Therapy devices on the market. The LZ30 has been manufactured to offer the highest power, efficacy and versatility in its class, combined with superior ergonomics and simplicity of use.

The LZ30 Laser received medical device clearance from the FDA in 2013.

LZ30 Hard Case

AVANT Lasers are used by:

  • Chiropractors
  • Home Users
  • Doctors
  • Acupuncturists & Massage Therapists
  • Pain Management Specialists
  • Rehab Doctors & Athletes

Choose from 3 Handheld, Portable AVANT Cold Laser Wellness Systems



The lightweight and compact nature of the LZ30-Z ensures that it does not become a strain supporting the device for extended periods. Cordless operation eliminates the restrictions of a tether to a base unit.


No more hunting through manuals for pulse frequency protocols. Simply scroll to the preset that you need and hit the button to start treatment. The LZ30-Z even has a “Favorites” section for easy access to your most frequently used presets. Presets are fully customizable.


With up to 1,000mW of 637nm bright red and 1,400mW of infrared laser power, the LZ30-Z laser minimizes treatment time and maximizes results. Clinical evidence demonstrates that increased power improves therapeutic outcomes within the class 3B range.

LZ30 Charging Port

The LZ30 Laser can be used with an optional tripod stand to make treatments more convenient.

Red Power

*Clinical experience has demonstrated that the most effective biostimulation wavelength is in the 630nm-640nm range. Only the LZ30 and PL5000 use red laser diodes in this range. Other devices use 660nm laser diodes which are less effective (and cheaper).

IR Power

While infrared causes less biostimulation, it penetrates tissue much better than red and hence is good for deeper issues and for pain and inflammation. Wavelengths in the range of 800nm-1000nm provide similar results.


Size and weight are important considerations. It is not uncommon to use the laser with most treatments, so the associated occupational strain is a very real consideration. While portability might seem unnecessary for an office-bound practitioner, if you have multiple treatment rooms or a device that is shared, then one that requires an outlet can be an encumbrance.

A cable between a base unit and treatment head that drags across the patient can be a distraction, and an encumbrance to the therapist while moving around during treatment.


The LZ30 has the longest warranty on the market and we don’t hide anything in the small print. The laser diodes and the internal battery are not excluded.

Although there are cheaper devices available, the power and features of the LZ30 rank it with devices costing more than twice as much. 3 Models to choose from with the least expensive being the LZ30P Model, then the LZ30X and finally, the LZ30Z with the most power.

These FDA cleared lasers provide an unparalleled balance of features when compared to other class 3b models, including hands free option and collimator tips for acupoints.

Where other treatments fail, LZ30 laser therapy provides a powerful treatment modality to clinicians who want the absolute best for their patients.


We stand behind the quality of our ergonomically engineered lasers.  We fully warranty the LZ30-Z, LZ30-X & LZ30-P lasers for three years, and provide replacement part coverage at cost after warranty expiration.

AVANT LZ30 Lasers

Powerful Lasers
Preset Capacity
MW Red Power
MW Infrared Power
LZ30-Auricular-Treatment with Diode
AVANT Laser being used for Auricular Theerapy

Pro Clinician Feedback About AVANT Lasers

“Professional dancers push their bodies to the limit and fast, efficient recovery is critical when they go past the limit. As a physical therapist dealing with a host of issues from blisters to stress fractures, the LZ30 laser is my go-to device. It fits in my pocket and is so lightweight that it travels to the theater and on tour all over the world. I cannot imagine being without it! I highly recommend the LZ30 to any physical therapist and for all professional athletes as efficient healing is everything.”
Heather Southwick Boston Ballet
Heather Southwick, PT MSPT
“When I first began using the Avant LZ30-Z I was looking for a tool that could be versatile enough to use for musculoskeletal applications and also have the flexibility to do transcranial work. I’ve been using this laser for over a year and I am beyond impressed with its therapeutic range and application. The Avant is a vital part of my practice. ”
Dr Nate Keiser
“The reason why we love Avant lasers is because there has been a lot of thought and research into the function and engineering of them. They have done their research and they know the wave lengths of light that are best for healing whether for superficial joint injuries, or photoneuromodulation. We also love the flexibility that they offer with their interface where we can create our own protocols. It truly allows the practitioner to have control over the therapy rather than relying on factory presets. Not to mention it can fit in your pocket.”
Dr. Matt Antonucci
Dr. Matt Antonucci

AVANT LZ Laser Model Packages Include Everything You Need:

Avant LZ30 Laser

AVANT LZ30 Laser: 

  • LZ30-P (Personal Use)
  • LZ30-X (Commercial/Pro Use)
  • LZ30-Z (Top Performance/Most Power)
LZ30 Laser Eye Protection

Specialized Eye Protection (2)

  • Comfortable & adjustable
  • Comes with case, head strap, & lens cloth
  • Protection (Wavelengths): 190-1400nm
LZ30 Hard Case

Hard Case

  • Perfect for transportation & storage
  • Variable sizes depending on accessories and laser variation purchased
  • Strong, durable casing with locking clasps and carrying handle
LZ30 Port Cable

Port Cable

  • USB Type-C enabled devices to standard USB
  • Reversible design
  • Sync data with your LZ30
LZ30 Laser Charger

Charging Cable

  • 5V USB Type-C Wall Charger


LZ30 Lens Cover

Lens Covers

  • Keeps laser lens free from dust and protects against damage

$98 Gift for Free with laser purchase

Secrets to Cold Laser Therapy Revealed! Learn many options and choices for dramatically improving your success with your cold laser.   Now you can learn to use your healing laser features for the best results. Less guessing and faster improvement . The key is understanding that specific cold laser beams can replace a needle.

Acupressure and acupuncture are the third most popular method for treating pain and illness in the world. It’s a 5000 year old method documented to treat over 1000 symptoms and conditions. This is a proven, natural, cost-effective system that can radically improve quality of life for you or your patients. Anything that you can do with a needle or pressure, you can do with a cold laser, only more effectively, much faster, easier and totally painless. The key is to get an Infrared laser with variable power  100-500 milliwatts (mW) or a More Powerful laser for faster treatment.

Acu-Point Healing with Cold Lasers

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Over 500 Protocols Made Easy. 

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Choose Your Model:

The Avant LZ30P might just be the most flexible and well designed personal-use laser on the market.

The LZ30P is an FDA cleared class 3b cold laser that provides unparalleled power, performance and flexibility for a fraction of the cost of similar products.

With the LZ30P, you get more flexibility than any other cold laser device. This dual wavelength device offers continuous wave, pulsed wave and sweeping wave options to allow for the widest range of treatments. Operating independently in either the 808nm or the 637nm wavelength range, you have twice the setup options as many lasers, which sells for $8,000 to $12,000 and over 10 time the red laser power.

It has far and away more features and frequencies than the ML830, which sells for a little less, but offers only 1/10 of the power. If you are considering an ML830, the LZ30P offers 10 times the power, plus extensive setting and modes, and also includes pulsing and sweeping modes for better healing.

Red Infrared
Power 80mW 600mW
Configuration 2 x 40mW 2 x 300mW
Laser diode technology AlGaInP laser at 637nm GaAlAs laser at 808nm
Your Purchase Includes:
  • 1 Avant LZ30P Personal use digital handheld laser with LCD display screen
  • USB cable
  • Hard body carrying case
  • Protective lens covers
  • 2 Pair Specialized Eye Protection
  • 3 Year Mfr Warranty
  • Free Shipping
  • 2 ebooks "22 Acu-Point Healing System Over 250 Protocols Made Easy" & "AcuPoint Laser Treatment Guide 3.0"


It is so easy to get started with the Avant LZ30X. It comes from the factory with presets to address 90-100% of the standard protocols most customers will ever need. Plus, it also allows for the creation of new protocols including total customization of every variable using the standard USB interface. New users can scroll through pre-defined protocols in just seconds. For advanced users, the device allows for the creation and storage of a set of favorite protocols for treating special issues. This list can be accessed using the “joy-stick” and can be edited directly on the device or by connecting the LZ30 cold lasers via the included USB-C cable to a computer.

The LZ30x allows users to choose from continuous, pulsed and sweeping pulse modes with power levels of 900mw at 808nm (infrared) and 190mw at 637nm (red). This allows practitioners and users the maximum flexibility in treating both chronic or recent injuries. This device is equally suited for pain control, inflammation reduction and accelerated healing.

Red Infrared
Power 250mW 1000mW
Configuration 2 x 125mW 2 x 500mW
Laser diode technology AlGaInP laser at 637nm GaAlAs laser at 808nm
Your Purchase Includes:
  • 1 Avant LZ30X Professional use digital handheld laser with LCD display screen
  • Hard body carrying case
  • Protective lens covers
  • 2 Pair Specialized Eye Protection
  • USB Cable
  • Free Shipping
  • 3 Year Mfr Warranty
  • 2 Bonus eBooks "22 Acu-Point Healing System Over 250 Protocols Made Easy" & "AcuPoint Laser Treatment Guide 3.0"

$5,995.00 $5,350.00

The AVANT LZ30-Z is a high-performance cold laser with 1000mW of red and 1400mW of Infrared power. This laser is well-suited for clinical use and comes standard with convenient charging cradle. Ask about our bonus practitioner package.

Like LZ30-X, the LZ30-Z allows for continuous, pulsed and sweeping pulse modes with high-performance power levels. This laser also allows practitioners and users.

Red Infrared
Power 1000mW 1400mW
Configuration 2 x 500mW 2 x 700mW
Laser diode technology AlGaInP laser at 637nm GaAlAs laser at 808nm
Your Purchase Includes:
  • 1 Avant LZ30Z Professional use digital handheld laser with larger, readable LCD display screen
  • Hard body carrying case
  • Protective lens covers
  • 2 Pair Specialized Eye Protection
  • FAST Charge cradle with new USB-C technology
  • USB Cable
  • Free Shipping
  • 3 Year Mfr Warranty
  • 2 Bonus eBooks "22 Acu-Point Healing System Over 250 Protocols Made Easy" & "AcuPoint Laser Treatment Guide 3.0"

$6,995.00 $6,150.00

Optional Accessories/Add-ons

  • Sleek Compact Design
  • Plugs into a Type-C Cable with 4” 4′ of cord
  • Allows your LZ30 to be fully charged and easily accessible at all times

This charging dock is included free with the LZ30-Z Pro laser package.

Your Purchase Includes:
  • Charging Port (1)
  • Connects via standard USB-C charging cable (included with your LZ30 laser purchase)


LZ30 products can be used with the optional hands-free stand. Busy practitioners like to use the Avant Laser with a stand for hands-free or unattended therapy. Simply turn on the laser, adjust the settings, and then drop it into the cradle. The laser slides in securely with ease. You can use the adjustments on the mount to set the angle and treatment size before you lock it down. The laser easily pops in and out of the stand for multi-step treatments. If you place the laser about 2 feet way from the treatment area, the laser will treat a 9-inch-by-9-inch area. This means that you can deliver over 1000 joules (CW Infrared mode) into a lower back or other similar area in about 20 minutes while you attend to other patients.

Your Purchase Includes:
  • 1 Stand, two feet tall
  • Two foot adjustable handle for extended reach for steady consistent application of laser


All LZ30 products can be used with the optional laser light collimator attachments (light pipe adaptors) for trigger point and acupoint therapy. It is easy to use the optional acupoint/trigger-point attachments by simply removing the standard hood and attaching the light pipe collimator accessory. The Avant Laser system recognizes the attachment, thanks to its advanced microchip technology, and immediately adjusts itself. This makes it super easy to switch to a painless, fast and highly effective acupoint therapy mode, free from needles. You and your patients are going to love it!

We also provide 2 complimentary and exclusive Protocol guides that shows you how to treat over 500 common ailments with ease, by applying the laser to the master acupoints and micro-systems of the body, according to specific, and easy to apply protocols listed in alphabetical order.

Now you can add this desirable 2 piece Light Pipe accessory package when you order your LZ30 laser.

Your Purchase Includes:
  • Easily attachable & detachable
  • 2 sizes included: 3mm and 5mm light collimator attachments


AVANT LZ30 Cold Laser