Dental Laser Applications and Uses – An Overview:

Cold laser is highly suited for comfortable and extremely effective use in over 24 dental applications. There are 325 positive studies done by 81 universities from 37 different countries showing from 80 to 95% success using Cold Laser Therapy on over 24 different dental procedures.  Cold lasers using the infrared wavelength (from 875 – 905nm, […]


Time Magazine declared inflammation to be“The Secret Killer” Here are just a few of the illnesses that research shows can result from prolonged or chronic inflammation:      1. Alzheimer’s disease.  Chronic inflammation is known to possibly play a role in the destruction of brain cells involved in memory. 2. Heart disease. The leading cause of death […]


DISCOVER the oldest and greatest healing method ever devised with a modern day twist. Acupuncture points on the body have been mapped out and proven to exist beyond a shadow of a doubt.  Acupuncture was born from a rich history and profound philosophy of how the body systems work in concert with nature and energy flow. […]

Lasers & Children

Are Therapeutic Lasers the NEW HOPE for America’s Children? There Needs to be a Healthy Uprising Among America’s Families.  WHY? Because over HALF of all children in the US are either overweight or suffering from dis-ease. The increased rate of Autism, ADD, ADHD and other challenging behavior and mood disorders needs to be addressed with […]


What is an Anabolic vs Catabolic State and why is it critically important that you know? Can your body benefit from cold laser or low level laser therapy applications? Do you want to learn how to age gracefully? Can ongoing cold laser treatments provide additional benefits? All human beings age at similarly predictable rates, however some […]