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Low level laser therapy of tendinitis and myofacial pains a randomized, double-blind, controlled study

Mimmi Logdberg-Anderssont (1), Sture Mutzell (2), and Ake Hazel (3)

1: Akersberga Health Care Centre,
2: Danderyd University Hospital, Danderyd, and
3: Vaxholm Health Care Centre, Stockholm, Sweden.

The purpose of this randomised, double-blind study was to examine the effect of GaAs laser therapy for tendonitis and myofascial pain in a sample from the general population of Akersberga in the northern part of Greater Stockholm.

176 patients (of an original group of 200) completed the scheduled course of treatment. The patients were assigned randomly to either a laser group (92 patients, of whom 74 had tendonitis, completed the study) or a placebo group (84 patients, of whom 68 had tendonitis, completed the study). All 176 patients received six treatments during a period of 3-4 weeks. Their pain was estimated objectively using a pain threshold meter, and subjectively with a visual analogue scale before, at the end of, and four weeks after the end of treatment.

Laser therapy had a significant, positive effect compared with placebo measured from the first assessment to the third assessment, four weeks after the end of treatment. Laser treatment was most effective on acute tendonitis.