What Cold Laser is Best for a DC

Doctors of Chiropractic often ask me, which cold laser is best for treating conditions of the lumbar and cervical spine, and for penetrating into the hard tissues such as the vertebrae and into the large joints such as the hips and shoulder?

For the past decade the TerraQuant laser has been a favorite for DCs. Why?
Other lasers make all kinds of claims, but if they don’t have the right combination of wavelengths, then their applications are limited. The chiropractic laser laser for example only has one wavelength with only 5mW of power and only 1/4-1/2″ penetration, yet the sales people promise you that it’s the best wavelength because they say that 635 nm is the exact wavelength that cells use to communicate with each other, and when you hear the price you wonder if you should get a Lexus instead.

The ML830, Microlite and Sports Laser all use the 830 nm wavelength and three 33mW diodes for a total power output of 100mW. That’s not much power these days from a continuous wave laser and while the 830 nm wavelength is another good one, it is also limited and the laser is over priced for what you get.


However, some of the top preferred cold laser or low level laser models to consider include: AVANT Laser Systems with 5 models to choose from including the new LZ30-Z model, which now sports the most power of any hand held portable cold laser on the market. The NEW AVANT LZ30-Z Features:

Another good option is the TerraQuant Elite, which is a super pulsed cold laser, desk top model, that utilizes two different emitter heads, which can be used simultaneously to provide a superior treatment in less time.

Depending upon your needs and budget other models of lasers such as the PowerMedic Cold Laser line can also be considered.


Fact is, when you are working on the musculoskeletal system you need depth of penetration and if you want to speed up your treatment time you need power. The different professional models listed above all incorporate the essential Infrared laser spectrum for deepest penetration. However, the beauty of the TerraQuant laser systems is that they all use multi-radiance technology, with four different healing energies (3 ideal wavelengths) in each emitter head. Starting with the standard SE25 emitter you get 9 diodes instead of just 1-4, as with other lasers. With the TerraQuant Laser you get a total of 9 diodes including four 660 nm diodes for superficial coverage, four 875 nm diodes for medium depth coverage and you get one 905 nm infrared superpulsed 25,000mW laser diode for deep penetration up to 5 inches.


The deep penetrating superpulsed laser technology allows you to safely and effectively reach the target tissue including bones, discs, tendons, ligaments, thick muscles and skin with a safe and effective non-thermal dose of photonic energy. Superpulsed laser is the Cadillac of delivery systems. The LS50 laser shower emitter is similar to the SE25, yet it has 4 superpulsed diodes (instead of 1), delivers peak power up to 50,000mW and covers up to 5 times the surface area of the SE25 emitter. The LS50 is the ideal emitter for lower back, spine, hips and shoulders and can be used at the same time as the SE25 to allow for the best possible treatment in the shortest period of time. 10-20 min. is all that’s needed, depending upon the condition being treated and the number of treatment locations on the patient. Having two emitters to work with at the same time allows for more effective treatments in complex conditions such as treating the insersion and origin at the same time, or treating the front and back of the shoulder or hip at the same time or both sides of the spine simultaneously.

The Superpulsed photon delivery system is the equivalent of a chi master who knows how to gather and then disipate his chi (energy), so that with a single chop he can blast through a pile of bricks. The TerraQuant laser Super Pulsed technology delivers maximum power at a billionth of a second pulses so that the cells can relax and unwind between pulses, while still receiving high saturation of photons at depths up to 5 inches. No other technology ensures such perfect delivery of photons to target tissues including hard tissues such as bone.


The optional hands free medical cart with dual armature is another key feature that many practitioners love. The armature will hold the emitter in place over the patient so that you are free to move around as needed. The TerraQuant laser has 5 preset mode buttons that allow you to quickly and easily choose an appropriate treatment mode. Just press the button and come back in 4 or 5 minutes when the beeper indicates that it is time for another dose or location, or that the treatment is finished. DC’s love mode 1 for pain, inflammation, small to medium sized joints, CTS and arthritic conditions. Mode 2 is for chronic pain, inflamed or infected
muscles and allows for the deepest penetration. It is commonly used for treatment of the lumbar spine, hips and shoulders.


I have never had a practitioner tell me that they wish they had gotten a class IV laser after using the TerraQuant laser for awhile. With class IV lasers you have to keep the emitter head moving all the time to prevent burning and injury, as apposed to the TerraQuant laser, which can be left static in one place for an entire treatment if desired. The TerraQuant allows for a reliable dose of photonic energy with no risk of injury to the patient. The TerraQuant also provides deeper penetration and at a far more affordable price. Click the following link to learn more about how the debate between cold lasers and class IV hot laser.

See the full range of TerraQuant Laser Packages here.

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