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TerraQuant Cold Laser and Low Level Laser

The TerraQuant Laser Prices Start at $2995 $2495 for the TQ Solo. Now offering many specialty packages and emitters for treating the greatest variety of conditions. The Flagship TerraQuant Pro model is now on SALE while supplies last. SAVE $1500 off the TerraQuant Pro, which reduces the price from $5995 to $4495. Call Toll Free 888-824-7558

TerraQuant Laser Pro System

Cold Laser for Professionals

Use the links below to navigate to the pages that reveal the exact differences between the Terraquant Pro, Duo, Elite and Solo. The the best selling TerraQuant Pro, TerraQuant Elite and TQ Solo Packages are on sale now at their lowest ever discount prices. SAVE Hundreds of Dollars and get the most versatile and effective cold laser systems available today.



“The TerraQuant Laser Pro is the only Low Level Laser to offer an on-board infrared laser, red light laser, super pulsed laser, and magnetic induction all in one laser emitter.”

… TerraQuant laser Pro is an all-in-ONE affordable laser device with SuperPulse Technology!”

Developed In Europe with a 20 year proven track record. Used in over 30 countries world wide by millions of people. It has been very well received in the US for over 8 years and is used by countless practitioners and most major sports teams, plus numerous hospitals, clinics and private practices. It’s also easy to use and commonly purchased by home users because it is FDA cleared with OTC (Over the Counter), meaning that anyone can purchase it without a prescription. It outperforms most other lasers on the market FDA Clearedincluding those that cost 2-3 times as much. The TerraQuant Pro can be used to treat the largest range of conditions, it is very easy to use and has many features that other lasers don’t. TerraQuant Laser in Use

Whether you are looking for rapid pain relief, recovery from an injury or chronic condition, anti-aging, skin and wound care, or relief from joint problems; the solution is near. Research with Low Level Lasers, LED’s, pulsed light and magnetic induction, all used world wide for over 40 years have lead the way for this ingenious product called the TerraQuant Pro Laser.

The TerraQuant Pro, which utilizes all of these advanced healing modalities in one device is finally available in the US and Canada after 20 years extensive testing and use worldwide. The Terra Quant is on the leading edge of rapid healing technology and works wonders for a price that most therapeutic practices and many homes can afford. Once you try it, you will not want to be without it ever again. It comes standard with 4 easy push button, preprogrammed modes and a 5th mode allows you to custom program your own parameters.

The new improved TerraQuant Pro uses a microprocessor that delivers super pulsed 25 W (25,000 mW) peak laser light power for the deepest penetration up to 5 inches, to provide maximum healing potential. A must for muscular skeletal or repetitive strain applications, yet gentle enough for cosmetic and wound care as well.

With TerraQuant Pro Systems you get the most photonic healing energy for your money. 25,000 mW peak power and 9 diodes. Also available with an optional 50,000mW peak power 12 diode LS50 SuperPulsed laser shower emitter.



To Order PH Toll Free 1-888-824-7558 or use Shopping Cart Below.

TerraQuant Laser Pro System All-in-One Cold Laser
What you get
  • TerraQuant Laser Pro Package
  • Standard 9 diode SE25 emitter
  • 2 pair protective eye glasses
  • Instruction manual and protocols manual
  • Custom carrying case
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty
  • BONUS: 250 Protocols Guide
  • Free Shipping

of The TerraQuant Cold Laser Pro Systems


TerraQuant Medical Cart with Dual Armature

Wheeled medical cart holds TerraQuant laser. Includes drawer and cabinet and arms to hold lasers.


TerraQuant Crystal Probes

Also available with an optional 50,000mW peak power 12 diode LS50 SuperPulsed laser shower emitter.

“The speed and quality of the results I am getting with my first patient on the TerraQuant laser has been so amazing, it floored me. He has not been able to write and he can now write and use a knife and fork. He was on hydrocodone for four years and that is over yesterday. I was worried that his condition would come back, but today I am not, because his arm is so free it just could not. It is so amazing it is beyond belief. I knew the laser was amazing but I did not expect this kind of result on this patient. I was hopeful of achieving perhaps 20-30 per cent reduction of the problem, but it appears that after 3 treatments we are cruising on 70 per cent. Thank you for a great product.”
Dr. Katie Kulba

The TerraQuant compares in performance and craftsmanship with high quality laser products that sell for $5,000 to $10,000 and yet it is much more affordable. This hybrid style cold laser features high quality, FDA clearance for pain and multiple healing variances and wavelengths for the greatest combination of healing capabilities . In a time when most laser companies will not even advertise their high prices. We are proud to offer you this high quality, affordable laser for just $5995 $4495 with free shipping in the US. This laser is prized around the world in over 30 countries as a home use laser and a medical laser for practitioners. It is easy to use and extremely safe.

Call toll free for best price 1-888-824-7558. We will not be undersold!

TerraQuant Pro offers multiple treatment options

Health Success with LasersThe TerraQuant Pro is the most current version of the TerraQuant laser base systems and comes standard with a standard emitter that delivers 25,000 mW of peak  super pulse power, (It can be upgraded with a second emitter that produces 50,000 mW of peak power. When the LS50 is added to the TQ Pro package then it’s called the TQ Elite. With the LS50 you can work faster because it covers over 5x the surface area. The LS50 Emitter is sometimes referred to as a Laser Shower emitter). This offers better penetration and faster treatment times. Also, the TerraQuant Pro laser has two ports instead of one, giving you the option to add a second emitter/laser, allowing for more varied treatment methods including the option to treat two patients at the same time.

To use, place the 6″ long, 1″ dia hand-held emitter directly on the treatment area, or apply treatment by moving the emitter in a circular motion around the affected area. Treatments can be performed as often as necessary. Standard treatments last from 5 to 15 minutes.

“OK Kalon… I’ll take another TerraQuant Laser. The first unit you sent has already removed most of the 40 year old pain in my bladder area that woke me about every hour http://viagraindian.com..…. and in just 3 sessions.”
James W. Woeber
Irving, TX

How Does The TerraQuant Laser Work?

The TerraQuant Pro Low Level Laser is very easy to use. Its state-of-the-art menu-prompted console offers up to five programs, four of which are preset programs with selectable parameters chosen from the user manual. The sixth is a manual mode, personalized program, defined by the therapist or the individual using it on the basis of instructions in the user manual. The Terra Quant laser comes with a well written, easy to understand Operator Manual and DVDs that are filled with user friendly protocols and education for immediate application.

Quantum Medicine with Cold Lasers

Quantum Medicine (QM) is one of the most promising directions of contemporary medicine

It incorporates the therapeutic effects of different electromagnetic fields, including:

  • pulse laser radiance
  • broadband infrared radiance
  • visible red light
  • static magnetic field

The radiances mentioned above are capable, within a few hours after irradiation of the painful tissue, to improve the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the hypoxic cell, to improve the microcirculation and to remove toxic waste products from the site. The tissue is rejuvenated and the pain dissapears.

Quantum Medicine encompasses and compliments all elements of human health care: prophylaxis, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. The objective is to improve the patients general well-being. Millions of patients in over 30 countries have already experienced the benefits of Quantum Medicine. It has helped thousands to avoid expensive, high risk, surgical operations and is used by many professional athletes.

QM is particularly effective in situations where cell tissue has become inflamed. Inflammation of cell tissue is caused by reduced microcirculation, which changes the quantity of blood supply to the cells, resulting in ischemic injury. Any influence that can shorten the duration of the ischemic state will have a beneficial effect on the course of the disease and the accompanying pain.

Quantum Medicine improves microcirculation, which removes toxic waste products from the site, and improves the supply of oxygen to the hypoxic cells, all within a few hours of irradiation of the painful tissue. As a result, the tissue is rejuvenated and the pain disappears. These outcomes are achieved through chemical processes in the cells that are responsive to bio-photons, leading to renewed energy production (ATP) and restoration of all impaired cellular functions. QM is a non-invasive, drug-free, pain-free and surgery-free therapy that is beginning to revolutionize healing in modern medicine. It has been found to reverse existing diseases and greatly improve health.

Dollar for dollar TerraQuant is the best high-tech healing laser device money can buy. The advanced quantum healing technology of the TerraQuant is insurpassable in the industry. Under its CE mark, the TerraQuant Pro has been thoroughly tested for over a decade and has proven itself to offer superior quality and performance. Now America and Canada have been added to the list of over 30 countries around the world who are benefiting from the TerraQuant Low Level Laser. Don’t you think you owe it to yourself and or your clients to be benefiting from Low Level Laser Therapy too? With the TerraQuant laser you also benefit from the combined healing powers of polarized light, infrared light, superpulsed laser light and magnetic induction. The Terraquant Laser is in a class all by itself.

TerraQuant Duo Console

Here is what’s included in the TerraQuant Laser Pro Package:

1. TerraQuant Console
2. SE25 Emitter
3. 2-pair of laser goggles
4. Soft Sided Case
5. Operating Manual & User’s Guide
6. Protocol Manual
7. 2 year limited warranty
SE25 Emitter

8. BONUS: 250+ Acupoint Protocols Guide – easy to apply for hundreds of symptoms and conditions
• The SE25 is our standard emitter and comes with every TerraQuant console.
• It covers a 4 cm2 treatment area quickly and efficiently.
• The SE25 is threaded for the attachment of probes to assist in various treatments thus making it the most versatile emitter in TerraQuant product line.

TerraQuant Console

Laser Peak Power 25W (25,000mw)
Infrared LED’s 60mW
Red LED’s 7.5mW
Laser 905 nm
Infrared 875 nm
Red 660 nm
Class II Equipment Applied Part Type BF
Laser Class 1M (IEC 60825-1)
Weight 4 lbs / 1.5 Kg
Dimensions 11in x 6in x 3.5in (27cm x 15cm x 6.5cm)




To Order PH Toll Free 1-888-824-7558 or use Shopping Cart Below.

Price: $4495.00





Cold Laser Therapy: 22 Acupoint Healing System


This Additional Must-Have AcuPoint Protocol Guide contains over 283 pages of valuable information that you can use to support optimal wellness, health and healing.

This book features a Visual Depiction of Corresponding AcuPoint Protocols for over 250 common Issues, followed by Q&A, Clinical Studies, a comprehensive overview on Cold Laser Therapy, plus how and why it works. You are going to love it!

  REGULAR Price: $99 SALE Price $49 WITHOUT PURCHASE. FREE with Laser Purchase.

You can Purchase your eBook right now via the safety and convenience of PayPal.

You will receive your downloadable eBooks via email within 5 minutes of purchase. For those of you who are not very computer literate, an eBook is a digital book (in this case a PDF file) that can be read on almost any device (smart phone, tablet and computer), or it can be printed out and read in paper form.

If something fails and you don’t receive one or both of the eBooks after 10 minutes check your spam folder and if it is not there, send us an email and it will be sent to you shortly.

If you decide to not buy the laser now but you want to buy the eBooks with over 500 Cold Laser Therapy AcuPoint Protocols then use this Buy Now Link:


The Next Big Step in Healing Lasers


Terraquant Solo, TerraQuant Pro, and TerraQuant Elite Cold Laser is now available with a VALUABLE BONUS Protocols guide for treating hundreds of symptoms and conditions utilizing ancient wisdom and acu-light therapy. Protocols with images and a clear description of how to locate the exact points is provided for each symptom and condition according to the ancient Oriental Medical System that has been perfected for over 5000 years. Now with laser it is far easier, faster and often more effective. Best of all it can be safely applied by the average person in the comfort of your own home.
acupressure points

Also available with an optional 50,000mW peak power 12 diode LS50 SuperPulsed laser shower emitter.

To Order Call Toll Free 1-888-824-7558 or Use the Shopping Cart Below. If ordering out of the US, please call 1-572-2995.

TerraQuant Laser Pro System All-in-One Cold Laser
What you get
  • TerraQuant Laser Pro Package
  • Standard 9 diode SE25 emitter
  • 2 pair protective eye glasses
  • Instruction manual and protocols manual
  • Custom carrying case
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty
  • BONUS: 250 Protocols Guide
  • Free Shipping

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Get the Most Out of Your Cold Laser!

The 22-AcuPoint Healing System

Click to learn more about the system with over 500 protocols included!

Cold Laser Supplies
What you get
  • TerraQuant Laser Pro Package
  • Standard 9 diode SE25 emitter
  • 2 pair protective eye glasses
  • Instruction manual and protocols manual
  • Custom carrying case
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty
  • BONUS: 250 Protocols Guide
  • Free Shipping
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