Super Pulsed Laser

The Technology behind the TerraQuant Super Pulsed Laser

Super Pulsed Infrared Laser (905 nm) is the technology underlying multi radiance and TerraQuant.
The TerraQuant’s super pulsed laser has the destinction of being the fastest in the world – delivering a pulse at billionths of a second. Combined with 25,000 mW or 50,000 mW of peak power, the result is a higher concentration of light energy, or photons, driven deeper into the target tissue, without the risk of burning the tissue.

Super pulsing allows for deeper penetration than a laser of the same wavelength that is not super pulsed but has the same average output power. This is because ultimately short pulses allow for quick absorption at the cellular level. And the period between pulses promotes a better environment for enhanced cell communication, leading to an optimum pain relief and accelerated healing.

Super Pulsed Laser Diagram

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When comparing technology, some laser devices may offer pulsed mode. Do not confuse them with super pulsed lasers. Unlike super pulsed lasers, pulsed lasers are created by ìchopping the beamî-mechanically turning the laser on and off, much like duty cycle. Their depth is limited in comparison to super pulsed technology due to the decreased power created by the duty cycle of the device.

Super Pulsed Laser

Advantages of Super Pulsed Laser:

  • 1. More Power = More Photonic Energy

    Advanced Semi-Conductor laser diode delivers higher power pulses of Photonic Energy
    in thousands of milliwatts without burning tissue

  • 2. Increases in peak power improve depth penetration of energy into tissue
  • 3. Breakthrough in Thermal Barrier

    Super Pulsed Laser produces a high peak impulse of intense light for a fraction of a second. Thus, there are no damaging thermal effects in the tissue because the pulses are of very short duration.

  • 4. Maximum Photonic Density

    The power density during these very high pulses yields an extremely high photon flux and saturation, further delivering a stronger therapeutic effect into the tissue.

  • 5. Safety

    The Super Pulsed Laser Technology provides more energy and penetrates deeper than comparable non-super pulsed lasers but does not generate excessive damaging heat.

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