PowerLaser Pro Combo Cold Laser Package

by Kalon Prensky Sep 26

The PowerLaser Pro Combo Cold Laser Package is ideal for practitioners and home users – Read on to learn about why these lasers are so desirable and what makes them a good fit for practitioners. They feature some outstanding bells and whistles that set them apart from all other cold lasers.   Applications: Human, companion pets [...]

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Cold Laser

PowerMedic Cold Lasers

by Kalon Prensky Jul 08

PowerMedic Cold Lasers PowerLaser and GigaLaser: Therapeutic Lasers with HyperPulsed™ Technology Power, Durability, and Design PowerMedic GigaLaser PowerMedic Lasers created the impressive GigaLaser — one of the largest and highest output lasers on the market. The GigaLaser pushes out an astonishing 18,000 mW at 808nm at it’s highest setting. The same engineering team that designed [...]

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Cold Laser

PowerMedic GigaLaser

by Kalon Prensky Jun 07

PowerMedic GigaLaser One of the Largest Clinical Cold Lasers Available « Back to PowerLaser Overview Page The GigaLaser is the largest laser that PowerMedic offers and is among the largest lasers in the world. The GigaLaser is used for treatment of larger areas of the body, such as the back, neck, hip, or leg. The screen [...]

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