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TerraQuant Laser Packages Starting $2495

See why TerraQuant is choice of professionals worldwide. TerraQuant utilizes Multi-radiance Technology – allowing you to emit laser light in multiple spectra. The TerraQuant also allows users to upgrade their units with probes, emitters, carts, and hands-free armatures for more efficient use.

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TerraQuant Solo Cold Laser System $2495 #1 Seller in USA

TerraQuant Solo Low Level Laser For Portable Pain Management TerraQuant Solo: an FDA cleared portable laser for both home and professional use. It is an ultra portable, cordless, rechargeable cold laser with a super long life rechargeable battery of up to 14 hours. This is a healing laser, which is perfect for the individual user [...]

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TheraLaser T2000 Equine and Athlete Super Pulsed Cold Laser

The Theralaser T2000 is an ultra-portable and versatile Cold Laser for all Equine Laser Applications & home or professional use. Packs enough power for the toughest applications. Seven 904 nm infrared SUPERPULSED diodes. Great for rehab, pain, injuries, swelling, inflammation, muscular skeletal and laser acupunture.

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AL500 Acupuncture Laser

The AL500 Wellness Laser, Acu-Light Laser System is packed with powerful features and ideal for treatment of numerous modalities and conditions. It is ultra portable and comes in a complete package. The AL500 Acupuncture laser works perfectly on acupuncture and auriclular points, myofacial and trigger points, hand and foot points. This is the most powerful, safest, fastest acting acupoint laser treatment device on the market and it’s affordably priced.

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The Omega XP Laser Smoking Cessation Professional Package

The Omega XP Laser is the industry standard for low level laser therapy. Used 20 years worldwide for Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss, Pain Management, Skin and Wound healing treatments. Features acu-point finder, battery pack and numerous treatment probes. FDA Cleared and also in an IRB for clinical trials.

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TerraQuant Laser Pro System All-in-One Cold Laser

TerraQuant laser is the #1 Cold Laser Used Worldwide in over 30 countries. Why? Because it combines 4 healing energies synergistically working together to create a quantum healing effect that produces significant results for a wide range of conditions. FDA cleared and affordably priced.

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The MediCom Maestro Low Level Laser System

The MediCom Maestro Laser Therapy System from another of Europe’s top manufacturers. Main probe is adjustable from 3 to 450 mW output at 830 nm. Has preprogramed Nogier frequencies. Ideal for acupoint therapies such as Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss and Pain Management. Numerous probes and a laser scanner available. FDA Cleared!

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