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TerraQuant Solo Cold Laser System $2495

by Kalon Prensky Jan 12

TerraQuant TQ Solo Low Level Cold Laser For Portable Pain Management – Now with REDUCED PRICE from $2995 to $2495 TerraQuant Solo: an FDA OTC cleared portable laser for both home and professional use. ANYONE can buy and use this laser without a license of prescription, with the exceptional SAFE FDA Over The Counter (OTC) [...]

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Cold Laser

PowerLaser BASIC 1500

by Kalon Prensky Aug 07

PowerLaser Basic 1500 « Back to PowerLaser Overview Page The PowerLaser Basic 1500 is a therapeutic laser primarily for private use. It is, however, also used by some practitioners. The PowerLaser Basic 1500 is used primarily for the treatment of medium size muscle groups or areas of the body. With three laser diodes, the PowerLaser Basic [...]

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Cold Laser

TerraQuant Laser Packages Starting $2495

by Kalon Prensky Jun 09

See why TerraQuant is choice of professionals worldwide. TerraQuant utilizes Multi-radiance Technology – allowing you to emit laser light in multiple spectra. The TerraQuant also allows users to upgrade their units with probes, emitters, carts, and hands-free armatures for more efficient use.

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Cold Laser

TerraQuant Laser Pro System All-in-One Cold Laser

by Kalon Prensky Dec 31

TerraQuant laser is the #1 Cold Laser Used Worldwide in over 30 countries. Why? Because it combines 4 healing energies synergistically working together to create a quantum healing effect that produces significant results for a wide range of conditions. FDA cleared and affordably priced.

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FAQ’s – Frequent Questions about Cold Laser Healing and Technology

by Kalon Prensky Dec 27

This is where you will find many of the cold laser answers! You can submit more questions here: send us a mail Below are ten important laser questions: What does LASER stand for? How does laser light differ from “normal” light? Are low level lasers SAFE? How do low level lasers work? Where can low [...]

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