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I never cease to get excited by a new testimonial. Another life positively affected and the opportunity to share and celebrate helping each other.

Who uses cold lasers

by Kalon Prensky Nov 07

Who uses cold lasers? Cold lasers are being used by Doctors, Dentists, Acupuncturists, DO’s, Oral Surgeons, Veterinarians, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists, Cosmetologists, Registered Nurses and the list goes on. Treatment with cold laser therapy is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing segments of alternative medicine. Many people who are sick and tired of [...]

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TheraLaser T2000 Testimonial

by Kalon Prensky Jun 29

Theralaser T2000 Testimonial by Judy Lee. A remarkable turn of events that rapidly and significantly changed her life and made her old dogs romp around and play like puppies again.

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Cold Laser Press Quotes

by Kalon Prensky Mar 13

Cold laser press quotes about low level laser therapy and the results achieved by using the TerraQuant laser for treating numerous conditions.

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My love affair with lasers

by Kalon Prensky Feb 25

I thank God every day for the introduction of cold laser therapy into my life. Cold lasers have given me a new lease on a pain free life and I can’t speak highly enough of them. As a family man I find the low level laser useful for treating numerous ailments that occur for all members of my family.

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TerraQuant Laser – Testimonials

by Kalon Prensky Dec 29

TerraQuant Laser Links: Testimonials Tech Specs TQ Medical Data Cold Laser and Low Level Laser Clinical Research Studies Worldwide Testimonial from Doctor Katie Kulba Dear Mr. Prensky, The speed and quality of the results I am getting with my first patient on the TerraQuant laser has been so amazing, it certainly floored me. My patient [...]

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Cold Laser Therapy Education

by Kalon Prensky Dec 06

If you want to learn about cold lasers then you have come to the right place. This website is dedicated to providing you with ongoing education about the intricacies of cold laser therapy and low level laser therapy. If you find yourself feeling confused about cold laser terminology, wavelengths, power densities, prices, and so fourth [...]

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