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Design and Reference Information on Theralaser T2000.
High Quality Cold Laser for Professionals and Home Users.

The goal of THERALASER’s researchers, technicians and design engineers was to create a healing tool that was Powerful, Affordable, Effective, Easy to use and non threatening. A cold laser for animals and athletes that would provide maximum performance, health and fitness. It is especially ideal for Athletes and Sport Horses. Also used for all other animals and loved by practitioners and laypeople who understand the principles of utilizing super pulsed infrared laser light for healing of repetitive strain injuries, muscular-skeletal pain, arthritis and injuries in the back, neck, shoulders and hips.


In keeping with the “simple is better” philosophy, the control panel of the THERALASER T2000 is laid out into three sections.

FRONT: The Penetration Control knob/switch, the Power (on/off) switch and the Power On indicator light (Battery status).

BACK: The Red Lens Aperture where the Infrared energy beam is produced by seven laser diodes. The Aperture is located directly below the Penetration knob on the front panel. This is for ease in locating and applying the energy beam to the area to be lasered with the THERALASER.

BOTTOM: The receptacle to insert the plug from the battery charger to re charge the NiMHd Smart battery pack inside the THERALASER.

TIP: You can apply deep penetrating healing energy treatments to any part of an animals body you can reach with the palm of your hand. Now that’s convenient!

• 7 Laser Diodes Cluster System gives a large size beam of healing energy (approx. 2 inches dia.)

• Laser Diodes are 904 nm Infrared (IR) wavelength geometrically configured for maximum results

The THERALASER was created in 1990 to provide the most effective health tool to provide maximum performance, health and fitness for the Sport Horse and the rest of our animal friends. It has been of particular interest to the Sport Horse community because of the distinct competitive edge that it offers, however it has wide ranging uses in considerable animal medicine applications. With the THERALASER these “Cold LASER” therapies are being used widely among the various Sport Horse communities. This includes Thoroughbred Racing, Dressage, Jumping, Three Day Eventing, Endurance, Rodeo and Stunt Horses. It has been used at the last few Olympic Games as a non-invasive health tool.

Theralaser Accelerates Healing Of:
*Muscles *Tendons *Ligaments *Articulations *Bones *Nerves *Strain & Stress
*Pain & Inflammation *Spasms & Knots *Bruises & Contusions *Blisters & Hematomas *Swellings & Tears *Open Wounds *Scar Tissues *Arthritic Pain *Muscle Atrophies *Cartilage Wear
*Minor Fractures

Theralaser is Easy To Use!
THERALASER gives you the deepest penetrating non-surgical cold laser light therapy treatment of any cold laser on the market. Its small size allows one to reach difficult and dangerous locations with ease. Since the THERALASER can function while held slightly above the injury, you can treat painfully sore injuries with greater safety and pain relief.

You Will Notice Improved Performance and healing In Your Horses and other animals.
No matter how we use our equines, from packing the rugged Sierras to going for the GOLD in the show ring or the Kentucky Derby, we want them to be their best. The THERALASER has been designed to help you “go for the Gold” while enhancing your horse’s well being and the health of all your best animal friends.

The Deep Laser Power and Stimulation Will Result In:
* Stimulation of cellular level healing
* Accelerated treatment time
* Deepest penetration and pain relief
* Penetration exceeds non-portable lasers
* Concentrated power where needed
* Improvement of circulation
* Hand held Easy to operate
* Non-threatening to horses
* Highest power for lowest cost
* Reduced lay-up time/SAVE $$
* Recommended by veterinarians

Totally Non-Invasive Therapy!
Results You Can See – And You or Your Horse Can FEEL !

The THERALASER is held like a brush in your hand and is non-threatening to your horse. It can be used on injuries too sensitive for liniment or massage. The THERALASER activates increased production of collagen at the cellular level. Simultaneously, the nerve endings are stimulated, giving a systemic, secondary effect, resulting in an accelerated healing response. This healing happens in an absolutely non-invasive manner. The release of endorphins appeases any latent pain. Vascularization and lymphatic flow improve and the systems equilibrium is restored.

Compact and Affordable System!
Small size and battery operation free the horse and therapist from cumbersome electronic cord and cables. The THERALASER T2000 is the size of a grooming brush. Injured and sore animals can be conveniently treated any time, any where with a non-threatening treatment. The THERALASER uses state of the art technology to provide accelerated healing power in an easy to use package. While small in size and cost, the THERALASER delivers maximum proven laser light therapy power with a minimum treatment time.

Price: $2995
SALE PRICE: $2,695
Complete with 2 year warranty, FREE Delivery and bonus DVD and bounus CD


Call Toll Free 1-888-824-7558 or Use the secure shopping cart on the link below.

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AKIDO is 13 years young. He is a Shetland Sheepdog. When he was 1 year old he was chasing some ducks and accidentally broke his right front leg. He now has a 6 inch stainless steel plate and 6 nylon screws holding his leg together. He has been totally active to this day but does get some pain from that leg. After his busy day keeping all the birds out of our yard and chasing every delivery truck and motorcycle that goes by he sometimes comes in favoring that leg or even limping.

After a 5 to 10 minute treatment with the THERALASER he is as good as new and ready for his next busy day of work.
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